Yesterday at 8:11am

Sunnli5hh/t - Yesterday at 8:11am

By: Sunnli5hh/t

Streamable tracks coming soon..
In the meantime please listen on the following platforms:


  1. Ello World
  2. Untitled_2
  3. Breathing Space
  4. Please Don't Cry
  5. Blurry Pictures
  6. Hotboxing in the Rain
  7. January 22nd (album version)
  8. Late Night on the Metro
  9. Suicide
  10. Waking Up By the Ocean
  11. Liminal Space
  12. Moonbeam
  13. Maybe This is Ok
  14. Waiting
  15. Tomorrow
  16. Her Pink Puppy Dog Pajama Bottoms (feat. Sophiaaaahjkl;8901)


Setting the scene: “A rainy winter in LA. Texting ur long distance GF on Facebook Messenger. Waking up for work too early and getting on the bus still half asleep. Scrunching up ur hoodie like a pillow and resting ur head against the window. Watching the raindrops splash against the glass as you drift off listening to shitty YouTube-to-Mp3 rips playing from a broken, old pair of Apple earbuds.”

Yesterday at 8:11am is our first official release as Sunnli5hh/t. Comprised mostly of songs written towards the end of 2017, as well as a few earlier singles. The album was finally mastered this year with the help of Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 who is also featured on the closing track. The completed work was published by Business Casual and is available as PWYW digital download as well as physical cassette tapes.



Credits: Production and visuals by Sam Murphey
Mastered by Sophia Nearhood and Sam Murphey
Distribution by Business Casual

Keywords: ambient, business casual, calm, cassette, emotional, indie, lofi, nostalgic, plunderphonics, sad music, sample based, tape loops, vaporwave, winter


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