Winter's Edge

Silent Synthesis - Winter’s Edge Album Cover

By: Silent Synthesis


  1. Clark - Black Stone (Silent Synthesis Cover)
  2. I am Your Bastard Wings
  3. Shiny New Video Game
  4. The Grass Looks so Soft and Comforting
  5. Peppermint
  6. Ace
  7. I Don't Think it's Safe to Explore There Kiddo
  8. Winter's Edge


Winters Edge, my fourth album as Silent Synthesis, was recorded during a particularly tumultuous time in my life. During the course of making this album, I had gone from living in the park pictured on the cover, to a homeless shelter where I was forced to attend gender conversion therapy.

The music was made to both reflect and contrast the energies around me. There’s a particularly dark and emotional feeling to most songs, even while some of their arrangements may be more upbeat. Keeping in line with the previous Silent Synthesis projects, there was an effort to blend the (also contrasting) sounds of nature and technology. This was realized by combining a multitude of field recordings with improvisational glitch techniques. All tracks were arranged and mastered exclusively in Audacity.

As work on Winter’s Edge was coming to a close, conditions in my life were further worsening. I ended up attempting suicide on the night of the album’s release, just after it went online.

That attempt would ultimately fail, but Winters Edge remained the last Silent Synthesis project I would pursue for quite some time. It felt important that I distance myself from the energies surrounding this album. I went on to create a number of other aliases under which I would release the next few year’s music.



Credits: "Black Stone" written by Chris Clark
"Black Stone" cover photo taken from Clark's original music video directed by Justin Brown
"Shiny New Video Game" melody belongs to Sega
"The Grass Looks So Soft and Comforting" cover photo taken by Kami Beers
Album cover photo taken by Sierra Tucker
All other production and visuals by Sam Murphey

Keywords: dark, electronic, emotional, experimental, glitch, homeless, idm, lgbt, little saigon, noise, orange county, trans, transgender, westminister, winter


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