Self Titled EP

Silent Synthesis - Self Titled EP

By: Silent Synthesis

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  1. Patrick's Email
  2. Why
  3. Crunchy
  4. Insane
  5. Hashcat
  6. Abejas
  7. O
  8. Mash Up
  9. SLAYOR (Lorde - Royals (Silent Synthesis Remix))
  10. Clap + Clap (Lady Gaga Applause - Silent Synthesis Remix)
  11. It's Too Bright (TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun (Silent Synthesis Remix))


Silent Synthesis was originally a duo, me and Patrick. However shortly after the first few tracks, Patrick left the group to pursue an alternative rock outfit. The first four tracks were done collaboratively, and the rest were solo.

This album was among my first experiences producing music electronically. All of the songs were made exclusively in Audacity, a trend that would carry on for the next 4 SS releases.

All the tracks were done at high school, save a couple minor tweaks. Most mornings I would get up around 3 or 4 and head down to the school. Nobody else around, I’d plug my laptop into a wall charger just outside the library and edit glitch recordings through tinny speakers with the fan whirring noisily behind.



Credits: "Patrick's Email", "Why","Cruncy", and "Insane" produced by Patrick McNeil and Sam Murphey
"Patrick's Email" cover photos taken by Trang Lee
"Insane" features a sample of Jared Leto
"Insane" cover photo taken by Brian Tran
"O" features a sample from Mary O'Hara's track "&?Oacute;r&?oacute; Mo Bh&?aacute;id&?iacute;n"
"Mash Up" vocals performed by Linkin Park, melody written by Lady Gaga
"SLAYOR" or "Royals" originally written and performed by Lorde
"Clap + Clap" or "Applause" originally written and performed by DJ White Shadow and Lady Gaga and features a sample of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"
"It's Too Bright" or "Staring at the Sun" originally written and performed by TV On The Radio
All other production and visuals by Sam Murphey

Keywords: chiptune, electronic, experimental, glitch, live, los angeles, noise, remix, silent synthesis


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