All of the Things I Have Forgotten to Tell You

Silent Synthesis - All of the Things I Have Forgotten to Tell You

By: Silent Synthesis


  1. Food Coloring
  2. You Don't Care a Bit (Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Silent Synthesis Remix))
  3. Watching Adult Swim
  4. I Was Bored in the Parking Lot
  5. Misty Morning
  6. I Wore a Soft Sweater He Wore a Scarf
  7. Life in Parallax (FKA Paper Lanterns)
  8. Campfire Song
  9. Mountain Song
  10. All of the Things I Have Forgotten to Tell You
  11. A Painful Christmas Memory
  12. Sanrio Nightmares


In mid August of 2013 I started again on a new Silent Synthesis project, titled “All of the Things I Have Forgotten to Tell You”.

I had become homeless at the start of the year, and lost many of my close friends. The title was about how I’d previously waited so long to come out to most of them for fear of abandonment, and now none if it mattered.

All of the tracks were recorded live using a variety of instruments and electronics but always run through Audacity.

Most of the album was made in a small room in the AFH homeless shelter that I stayed in at the time, except for “Listening to Adult Swim” which was recorded during a short stint living in a Motel 6.



Credits: "You Don't Care a Bit" samples "Hide and Seek" originally written and performed by Imogen Heap
"Sanrio Nightmares" melody belongs to Sanrio
All other production and visuals by Sam Murphey

Keywords: ambient, chiptune, electric guitar, electronic, experimental, glitch, improvisation, live, lo-fi, noise, orange county, santa ana, video games, vocal


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