SHTML - Self Titled


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In the meantime please listen on the following platforms:


  1. Sparkly Emoji
  2. Liquid
  3. Erie
  4. Password: waterystar
  5. Fake Clouds Hate You
  6. Cheap Mascara
  7. Late Tax Refunds
  8. June 27th (feat. Kinesthetiac)
  9. Mobile Waves


At the start of 2015 I decided to take a break from the Silent Synthesis alias, and began producing under a variety of different names to experiment with different feelings/sounds that didn’t fit what I’d been doing in the past. Most of which wound up under SHTML, with an overall more positive and Summer-y feel to it.

Using these new aliases was an exploration in learning to better understand digital music production, and focus more on proper edits, rather than live improvisation (except for “cheap mascara” and “mobile waves” those ARE live).

Jared VanMatre (Kinesthetiac) helped with this album, mastering “Erie”, and writing the original melody for “June 27th”. It’s an edit of his track “Stop Far Meshing Pose Mimicry”. You can find more of his music here, it’s absolutely lovely: https://goo.gl/VpW5T5

The album was published at midnight on Saturday, June 27th, the day after gay marriage was legalized here in the US.



Credits: "Erie" mixed/mastered by Kinesthetiac
"June 27th" melody written and performed by Kinesthetiac
All other production and visuals by Sam Murphey

Keywords: burbank, electronic, experimental, gay, glitch, idm, lgbt, loops, noise, plunderphonics, shtml, summer


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