How To Sell Your Soul

Emma O’Yama - How to Sell Your Soul Album Cover

By: Emma O'Yama

Streamable tracks coming soon..
In the meantime please listen on the following platforms:


  1. Enter My Brain World
  2. Luhwogar (ft. SleepyXTRA)
  3. Fleshnecks
  4. Bb Gurl, Acid Cloud (ft. John Object 2)
  5. Chemcore
  6. 3-j*&(
  7. Slugs (ft. Emily Glass)
  8. V4ruiodeh7
  9. Fuck Pile
  10. Gvtu8756iufj
  11. Upgrade
  12. Coi4m0 (ft. Sophiaaaahjkl;8901)
  13. Entropy Harvester
  14. Ae0i=r9fa
  15. Lizard Wife Extreme (ft. John Object 2)
  16. Go Premium and LISTEN AD-FREE
  17. F3uiyjoae


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All of these songs were written within a 2 week period at the very end of 2018. The biggest of thank you’s to all the collaborators on this project, SleepyXTRA, John Object 2, Emily Glass, and Sophiaaahjkl;8901. There’s no way I could have pulled this off without you <3

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Keywords: bugs, country, cybergrind, cyberhell, cyberpunk, deconstructed country, emo, emo trap, experimental, glitch, harsh noise, horror, lo-fi, lofi, neopagan, new years, noise, patreon exclusive, satanic, scenecore, sound collage, sound design


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