Cursed Objects Split (Side-B)

Emma O’Yama - Cursed Objects

By: Emma O'Yama

Streamable tracks coming soon..
In the meantime please listen on the following platforms:


  1. 65fyikuj76
  2. Ojkto8h4h
  3. 9u4n398
  4. Uyttrhrhhrrthtrrthhrt (yi7rnmjt6 reprise)
  5. J392q84yr
  6. Tujf5r
  7. NrlhWzk
  8. Gj50yu
  9. i(aJRTG
  10. 4ijuvji30e
  11. Ol76y8ug78u9
  12. 5tyujrfgh
  13. Yifo8t


My side of the split-album CURSED OBJECTS with Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 on side A.

The full tape can be streamed at: https://sumtapes.bandcamp.com/album/cursed-objects



Credits: Album cover art designed by Sophia Nearhood
All other production and visuals by Sam Murphey

Keywords: cathartic, cybergrind, demonic, dirty, electronic, evil, experimental, glitch, glitch, hell, improvised, metal, noise, noisy, punk, satanic, satanic, sound collage, vent art, vent music


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