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Syntactic Sugar - Nocturnal (adtl imagery)

Our name is Sam Murphey, we're 24 y/o plural nb trans girl h4ck3rz from LA with a passion for merging art and code !!
We produce music, build web-apps and video games, and make a variety of other art from 3D modeling to font design. And you get access to ALL OF IT right here! There's quite a lot of material on this site to see / hear / play with, so I suggest choosing one of the categories below or to the left to start off with.
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I make experimental music under lots of different aliases.

See everything on the music page.



Web-apps, games, and open-source experiments.

See everything on the code page.


Drawing in every medium there is. Pencils, vectors, paint, and 3D.

See everything on the art page.


Creative solutions to visual constraints. I've designed logos, fonts, icon packs, and much more.

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Shop for merch such as t-shirts and cassette tapes.

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